Three easy steps to get started…

Complete a Consent to Background Check and provide copies of a drivers license and Social Security card for each adult in the home.
Call to schedule your fingerprinting using the DFPS information from your agency.
Complete the online training and print your certificates; attend additional training sessions provided by HTH.

These three steps are very important in the process. There are other documents that the agency will need and HTH will conduct a Home Study.

The process should not take too long.  However, how quickly you do your part is a huge determining factor. We are here to help this be a smooth and effective process.

We hope that your heart allows you to see the difference you can make in a child’s life.

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Nicole Warren, Executive Director of Heart to Heart Family Services

Meet Our

Executive Director

HTH’s Executive Director Nicole, Warren, has spent 17 years as an educator in the public education system.  She spent 8 years as a foster parent before becoming a case manager for the agency under which she fostered.

A Bachelor’s degree and two Masters of Education degrees have allowed her to create a model of learning for potential foster care-adoptive families that truly is conducive to effective care of children required by the state standards and produces well-rounded, knowledgeable family units.

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